About Us

Sawiqly is a widely inclusive marketplace application that helps to mediate between vendors and customers. It improves reachability by facilitating all kind of services and simplifies the delivery process of such services and products.

A comprehensive marketplace of different categories.

Sawiqly, unlike other applications, is targeting untapped areas of the market. We are not targeting a market we are targeting The market.

  • Simplifying the online shopping experience and making it nationally oriented.
  • Strengthen the local e-commerce market for small and medium businesses.
  • Our main aim is to become and remain the market leader in the MENA region by diversifying our services portfolio and providing best-in-class customer experience.

Why Sawiqly ?

The first in the market to deliver all kind of services and products to customers with order tracking capabilities.

Sawiqly makes it easier for vendors and customers to conduct and promote business smoothly by offering:

  • Cross selling opportunities.

  • Marketing Plan:


    (Social media ads (Online ads))



    (Rate and Reviews your order experience.)
  • Features:

    1. Contracted workforce to deliver the items.
    2. Altering the menu options to satisfy our clients need.
    3. Allowing the user to browse the upcoming item's options along with current day options.
    4. User profile.
    5. Tracking placed orders.
    6. Checkout options – payment options.
    7. Order placement process.
    8. Filters.
    9. Place an order for an immediate delivery or schedule for later.
    10. Elimination of phone order misunderstandings arising from communication barriers.
    11. Avail exciting promotions and discounts from Vendor.
    12. Save multiple addresses for a faster checkout.